Believe it or not, usually the division of assets, property, and debts between a divorcing couple is one of the simpler knots to untangle. Since possessions, accounts, and property have a dollar value, they can often be fairly distributed between two people. When a couple is considering the dissolution of their marriage and they have children, things can get far more complicated.

There’s no way to put a financial price on time spent with your child, whether it’s a holiday or a quiet afternoon at the park. Add to that the fact that child support isn’t simply decided by which parent has the most time sharing. Even if time sharing with children is split perfectly evenly, one parent may still be responsible for paying child support. Since the process can get very convoluted, you’re wise to be represented by the right legal team.

Hero Law Firm can help. With more than a decade of legal experience and years as a practicing firm, we have an extensive understanding of Florida’s legal system as it pertains to family law. That understanding allows us to provide advice and craft a legal strategy that fits your needs. We know how difficult time sharing and child support arrangements can be, and we can provide the help you need. For more information or to schedule a free 20-minute telephone consultation, contact us online or by phone today.