Mediation is the process by which parties come together with the assistance of a neutral third party in an attempt to negotiate a resolution without the need to have a judge make decisions for them. Mediation is a cost effective and self-determinative process to resolve your unique issues. The results that are obtained through mediation greatly reduce the likelihood of post-divorce litigation.

When Hero Law Firm represents you, we encourage this method of resolution. During the mediation process we are with you the whole way. We advise you of the possible outcomes to your agreement and work with you to identify and resolve all the issues to reduce the need to litigate the matter further in the future.
Attorney Christina E. Hero is also a Florida Supreme Court Certified mediator. With more than a decade of experience helping individuals resolve issues, she can help you too. If you wish to retain her as your mediator contact us today.

For more information or to find out if mediation is the right approach, contact us online or by phone today.